25 Party Facts About Me

Hello Party People,

Some of you asked for me to talk about some fun party facts about myself.  I never can pass up a challenge so here it goes.  Okay, so what’s the catch.  If you’re reading this, you also have to share your information as well.  Enjoy and have fun with it…

  1. Personality Type: A Type (Extrovert)
  2. Favorite Design Style: Modern with a pinch of over the top
  3. Favorite Designer: HGTV’s Candice Olson (Yes, it’s interior designing but great design is great design.)
  4. Favorite Color Combo: Pink/Orange and Turquoise/Yellow/Aqua
  5. Favorite Color: Purple and Black
  6. Favorite Children’s Party Theme: Pirate (Arrrr Matey’s)
  7. Favorite Ladies Party Theme: Big Hat Tea/Kentucky Derby (By no means am I a girlie girl.  I just want to dress up and wear a big hat.)
  8. Favorite Adult Theme: Masquerade (Okay, I’m a big kid but who can resist being in a room with a bunch of adults all wearing costumes.)
  9. Party Theme You Can’t Wait to Try: Glamping Party (Yes ladies, I said Glamping not Camping.  You can embrace the outdoors, be one with the wilderness, and still have the finer things in life and be fabulous.)
  10. Where do you draw inspiration: Everywhere…magazines, fabric, interior design, furniture stores, clothes, international travel, and blog sites.
  11. Favorite Trend: Photo Booths
  12. Favorite Blog (Other Than My Own): Catch My Party, Amanda’s Parties to Go, and Hostess with the Mostess (Seriously, I can’t just name one…I can’t help myself!)
  13. Favorite DIY Project: Mesh Door Wreath
  14. Most Dreaded Project: Baking (LOL…Too time consuming for my taste. I love all you fabulous bakers out there.  I just don’t have time to stress over dough rising.)
  15. Large or Intimate Parties: The more the merrier with a 50 person limit
  16. Home Parties or Party Venue: Home Parties (Endless creativity)
  17. Favorite Kid Party Venue: Laser Tag (There are some pretty cool kid venues today that we never had as kids.  Keeps me young at heart.)
  18. Must Have Party Essentials: Backdrop, duck tape, glue gun, nail gun, double sided tape, circle punch tools, sticker paper, and a great color printer.
  19. Balloons or Crepe Paper: Balloons for kid parties and crepe for adult parties.
  20. Favorite Party Holiday: Christmas and Easter (Who doesn’t like an Easter Egg Hunt!)
  21. Digital Scrapbooking or Scrapbooking: Digital (Remember, I’m a techie by trade so anything digital will get my attention.  You have 15 seconds to keep my attention before I’m on to the next latest and greatest thing.)
  22. Custom Invitations or Evite: Custom Invitations (Shameless Plug: I have to promote my line of custom invitations/stationery.)
  23. Cheapest Party Hosted: $150 (elementary school)
  24. Favorite Child Birthday/Vacation: Disney World
  25. Dessert or Candy Buffet: I love them both but desserts give me the warm and fuzzies.  Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.  🙂

That’s it folks, now it’s your turn.  I can’t wait to read all your responses!