Christmas Parties: Have Some Fa la la la Fun This Holiday Season

Christmas is less than a week away so that means this is the time for great holiday and home parties to celebrate this time of year. Unfortunately, that means someone must deal with the potential for stress when it comes to planning and managing these events. Many are in need of event ideas so these suggestions would help you create the perfect holiday activities:

Gingerbread House Building
Building gingerbread houses are a tradition that many families use to bring them closer during the holiday times. However, there are a lot of people that haven’t had the opportunity to do such. A holiday party that allows people to build and eat these houses would be attractive to attend. Around this time of year you would purchase the ingredients in bulk from a local store that would be used during the activity. Such items as gingerbread cookies, marshmallows, jelly beans and others are not expensive and will add flavor to this holiday party. Make a contest out of the project and provide the winner with some sort of special prize such as a gift card.

Snowman Building Contest
This party would be for the children; especially if you have a child that celebrates a birthday during this time of year. When their friends are around, break everyone into teams to see who will build the best snowman in the area. Give them old and used articles of clothing to dress their snowman as well. This is a party that is contingent upon the availability of snow within your area, but has the potential to be a hit amongst the children in who will be in attendance.

Christmas Tree Decorating Contest
With the inclusion of social media, you can easily create a contest that allows people to challenge each other to decorate their Christmas tree. Set a deadline for the groups to decorate their tree then post them to a specific group. Then the images would be voted on by the social media public.. The image with the  highest number of votes would be considered the winner of the contest. This would be a good idea for companies or groups looking to create a fun activity around this time of year.

Holiday activities are a great way to bring people together during this time of year. While everyone may not celebrate the holidays at home – these are some alternatives that can keep coworkers and student groups entertained during any holiday party or special event.