Home Parties: What role should parents have?

What role should parents have at a home party? 
It all depends on the role you would like the parents to play at the party.  Would you prefer parents to work the wall and stay on the sidelines to keep them out of your way or would you prefer parents to linger around and socialize with other parents.  To keep everyone happy, it’s always best to encourage parents to meet and greet and fellowship with other parents.  This can be done by introducing simple child or adult icebreakers when guests first arrive.  Also, encourage parents to participate in the children’s icebreakers, games, and activities.

Do you want parents to help out?
If you would like parents to assist you with the party be sure to  ask politely first before trying to crack the whip.   🙂  Some parents would love to help but don’t bother to ask because they don’t want to get in the way.  If parents refuse to help, please keep in mind that they have that right and they are considered guests first.  So please don’t penalize a parent for not offering their assistance to help you.  It’s not their party or responsibility after all.  However, if a parent does offer their assistance by all means take them up on this offer.  You never and I do mean never want to turn down a helping hand!  Many moms trap themselves in a corner by having the Supermom, I can do everything myself and conquer the world attitude.  The best party hostesses learn the power of delegating work.  Don’t feel too proud to take off your cape every now and then and ask parents to help.  Calling all Supermoms to help could be the saving grace you need from having a total meltdown or losing your sanity.  🙂