Safety First: Do you hate those waiver release forms at kid venues?

Safety First.  
I’ve personally witnessed children getting hurt at inflatable venues and the parents were not present.  The hostess did not know the parent names or contact information.  Thank goodness for those irritating but oh so necessary waiver cards that parents have to sign.  The parents (hosts) were able to promptly contact the parent in order to tend to their child.  Imagine if this was your child and you were gone.  You finally return to the party to find out that your child got hurt and needs stitches.   We understand that emergencies happen which would cause you to be late for pickup.  If you know you will be late, please be considerate and call the hostess or venue to inform them that you will be late.  Provide your contact information, alternate POC, and give clear instructions for your child in case of an emergency.