When Parents Bring Uninvited Siblings (Home) Part 2:

Okay, we talked about parents bringing their uninvited child’s siblings to birthday party venues (e.g.  Pump It Up, Monkey Joes).  So how does it work for at home parties?

Home Parties & Siblings
Likewise with a home party, never assume because the party is at someone’s home that they can accommodate additional children.  Please keep in mind that the hostess has purchased themed activity games and crafts, prepared homemade or catered food and drinks, and goodie bags based off of the RSVP replies.  In these cases, we recommend that uninvited siblings should not take a favor unless it’s okay with the hostess.  To be on the safe side, you just don’t want to take away a favor from another invited child.

On rare occasions, an uninvited sibling will leave a party empty handed because the hostess didn’t have any extras.  To avoid tears and disappointment, please make sure you get permission in advance.  In most cases, the hostess would be more than happy to accommodate your child’s sibling.

What do you think?
Have you ever hosted a party where the parents brought their siblings?  Have you ever brought your child’s siblings to a party and didn’t ask the hostess?