Why hire a party planner or party stylist?

Let’s say you’re planning to host an upcoming party.  You’ve made your party list and checked it twice. However, the list continues to get bigger and bigger because you just don’t have enough time or energy to complete everything before your party. Those dreaded days of wasting gas and dragging your kids in and out of seven stores to find the perfect decorations for your party or having to pick up and drop off those rented chairs and table from your local rental company is a thing of the past.  This is where a party planner will come to your rescue!

Anyone can throw a party but do you really want to do all the running around that it takes to make your upcoming party a success!  A party planner will eliminate the stress by doing the leg work and running around for you.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want a personal party shopper to hand pick the decorations and supplies for the party!  This gives YOU the time to prepare and complete other tasks from your never ending checklist.  Go ahead and enjoy time spent with family and friends, finish cooking, or cleaning the house while we handle the setup, decorating, and breakdown.

Remember, you don’t need to have a PhD or be the next “Martha” to have a unforgettable party!   Your party planner or stylist will help you create the overall look and feel by setting the tone of your party.  From unique touches that will incorporate your personality to those WOW moments that leave your guests speechless!