Founded in 2013, Party Sticklers has been partying and creating unforgettable luxury parties ever since. We offer premium services with the perfect dose of creativity, eye-catching design aesthetics, attention to detail, and bringing your innovative ideas to life. We specialize in curating lavish and stress-free event planning, coordination, and decorating services. Party Sticklers was chosen as a top 5 event planning nominee for the Loudoun Times-Mirror Best of Loudoun 2020 and 2023 reader’s choice contest.


Hiring a party planner is not a necessity but it’s a game-changer. Event planners are the secret weapon that can save you money, maximize your budget while staying on budget, prioritize your style, guide you with your creative direction, and reduce time and stress. Why put out fires when you can be a guest at your party. That’s where we come in. Booking with Party Sticklers is not just a party…it’s an experience. Our creative team consists of event planners and event designers/event stylists/party stylists. At your fingertips, you have an event planner to assist you with the logistics and details and event stylists to set the mood and curate the perfect design aesthetics. This is the point where you stop what you’re doing, do the ‘happy dance’, and raise your hand and ask, “How do I sign up?”