When Parents Bring Uninvited Siblings (Home) Part 2:

Okay, we talked about parents bringing their uninvited child’s siblings to birthday party venues (e.g.  Pump It Up, Monkey Joes).  So how does it work for at home parties? Home Parties & Siblings Likewise with a home party, never assume because the party is at someone’s home that they can accommodate additional children.  Please keep in mind that the hostess has purchased themed…

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When Parents Bring Uninvited Siblings (Venues) Part 1:

Have you ever hosted a party where the parents brought their child’s siblings?  Many parents do not understand that many factors are involved when you a host a kids party.  Don’t assume that your child’s sibling is invited to the party too.  Siblings are considered non-invited guests unless their name is on the invitation or there was a special mention about siblings being…

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Children Parties: Should Parents Stay or Leave?

I’m sure we have all hosted a kids party where the parents stayed.  Have you ever wished that the parents would not stay at the party?  I often hear parents complain about parents staying or leaving at birthday parties.  I didn’t waste any time trying to talk about this hot topic.  The focus is on home parties but it also applies to kid venues. …

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